How to Choose Collar for Dogs

Tips to Choose Collar for Dogs

For the dog may become an annoying article, reminding the fights with siblings to determine supremacy. The owner must be sensitive and calm inserting the collar gradually, without imposing it but enabling the animal to know him and accept him positively. The same technique can be replicated with an adult dog is not accustomed to the collar, for example a stray or a specimen saved from the kennel.
To accustom the dog to the collar

Nylon Collar

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To prevent your puppy waste the collars is important to add to his world gradually, positive and with a number of smaller prizes. For one thing could be useful to create a facsimile with fabric, perhaps a long lightweight belt by softly tying around the puppy’s neck. There will have to tighten or constrict, but be smooth to facilitate the procedure. Through play, caresses, biscuits prize the collars can become familiar, a positive object. The owner will have to repeat the gesture for a few days, rapidly removing the tape in case of danger or refusal.
In the market there are various types embellished with decorations, plaques, small studs in relief. Alternatively, you can rely on the shock collars for dog strap, or commonly known as nylon. Strong and solid is ideal for strong dogs and the capacities agitated.

You can buy it in size but allows the ease of a minimal regulation, as well as to resist to the weather. Great for dogs who do not like the constraints, despite a small circle of detractors, the webbing collars affects as little as possible on the animal’s neck. The clip closure and the robust appearance allow the dog to interact without restricting movement. Finally, the metal collar or chain, often known as a collar choke. It can be a fine mesh or weave, but always presents two rings at the ends.

dog shock collar

How to Training Dog with Shock Collars for Dogs ?

How to Training Dog with Shock Collars for Dogs ?

As an electronic collar can simplify training your dog. Dog shock collar It is well known that a dog  man’s best friend, but still it’s just animals. Without proper guidance and training your lovely puppy can grow into a nasty nightmare that chews shoes, raided the trash and shit on the new carpet. Not to mention the bites and attacks on other dogs, or you and your family.

Therefore, it is very important to train your dog from an early age. Properly trained dog  is a joy for the owner, the dog walks with pleasure with the owner playing in the park and is a true member of your family. Dogs are among the most intelligent animals and can be trained to perform all sorts of tasks, starting with sheep grazing, extraction of objects, security rooms, or simply bring you a newspaper and your slippers. Dogs are faithful and always trying to please their owners, and are even willing to give his life to protect people from danger.

Proper education of dogs will help you to build a trusting relationship with your pets.

From training your dog to learn, you may encounter some difficulties. Dog Beats stick and learning through fear does not serve you well.

Now on the market there are many training collars for dog shock collar , collars with teeth and others, but that shock collars are considered the most effective.

The electrical impulse that is sent in a dog shock collar  may seem inhumane. Training collars of this type do not hurt the dog, static electricity or vibrations emanating from the collar, totally harmless. Such collars are not only suitable for medium size dog breeds, but for large dogs, which are difficult to physically control.

Many collars are sounds that are played easier than you shout your dog, as well as some crow berry have a vibrate mode, as an additional way to attract the dog’s attention. The electric pulse is used only when a serious breach of discipline dog.

For the proper effect collars used with great care, alternately praise and treats, and warnings. After a certain period of use, further wearing collar is not required, as the dog has already formed and fixed habits.

In our store we have selected for you a wide range of training collars for dogs that will facilitate your task in educating pet.

electric dog collar

What is Electric Dog Collar ?

Shock Collars For Dog : Electric Dog Collar

electric dog collar is a tool for dog training, that is developing her reflexes needed. This temper tool allows you to control the dog at a distance and is often used for sports training, where the dog must demonstrate their achievements are not close to the owner.

The people electric dog collar called shocker, as animal learning takes place by means of electric discharge. This collar with an electric pulse affects the dog, causing her to obey the commands. Some models have additional collars tone and a vibration. However, it is more humane means than noose or pinch collar because the dog feels no pain, and just unpleasant scarring.

Types electric dog collar

 There are collars with two receivers. With their help, the stimulation is distributed over a larger area. That is, if the standard design of the collar cunning dodge dog can learn from one annoying place, bending the neck, the collar with two receivers this is not possible.
There are also electric dog collars that track the location of the animal, and through the Internet or GPS to inform the owner.

Also, with such a collar, you can simply change the point of impact on the animal without changing the collar, just switching from one receiver to another. So for one exercise may be needed so that the receiver was under the throat, and for another – on top.
The principle of operation of the electronic collar dog training
Electric collar for dog training The principle of working out commands via electronic Collars is mastering the rules of the dog as soon as the command is executed, the discomfort immediately disappear. Once the dog understands this rule, all her training will go easy, and it will try to run any command as soon as possible.

However, you can not just constantly keep the stimulation button, the opposite effect can be achieved: the dog will no longer understand what is it they want and not be sure of the correct action. Exposure must be precisely dosed both in time and in strength at different points in the process of training.

Household electronic Collars to correct behavior can independently use any dog ? owner. You do not need any special knowledge. It is important to understand the basics of taming the owner or take a few lessons from professionals.

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How to Training Dog with Dog Training Collars

How to Training Dog with Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collars can be applied on the basis of a method of positive reinforcement and the use of other principles, based on conditioned reflexes.

Depending on the methodology applied by the coach, electrical stimulation may be to suppress negative effects when exposure occurs at the moment of undesirable behavior in order to reduce its frequency or negative reinforcement in the case of prolonged stimulation until the dog perform the required actions to increase its frequency.

By varying the length of the electrical effects of the fractions of a second to a few seconds, the trainer uses it for various tasks during dog training. For example, a very short-term exposure (duration of about 0.2 seconds) is used to draw attention to the trainer team, to accelerate the implementation of a command or to remind the dog of the undesirability of its actions. Longer exposure is used to gain exposure when dealing with stubborn or too phlegmatic dogs, as well as to suppress aggression and undesirable behavior in the event that short-term exposure is not effective.

Sometimes trainers use low levels of exposure, as a symbol of the dog right action, while giving encouragement, thereby forming a conditioned reflex associated with electronic collars the same way as when using the clicker.

Some dog training collars have effects in addition to the electric signal and vibration tonal (no impact) which can be used for most dogs as neutral stimulation . For the successful use of dog training collars  need to guide a professional trainer who specializes in working with these devices. As with any other tools for training dogs, misuse, abuse or neglect may lead to undesirable results.

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What is Shock Collars for Dogs

What is Shock Collars for Dogs

shock collar for dog is already fairly well-known among dog trainers and breeders advanced as a modern effective means of training dogs. However, issues related to the use of radio-collared, still arise. And the first of them – whether dangerous for the dog and its use as humanely? Indeed, electricity and a living creature – is it really compatible? As soon as the first did not call some skeptics’ electronics for training – shocker, stun, stun collar. Impressive epithets, is not it? But nothing to do with the shock collar for dog training does not. Current models of electronic collars are safe for both physical and mental health for dogs. Modern teaching electronics developed in close collaboration with leading animal psychology. The electrical effect that is used in the electronic media training, has a very low level, it can be likened to a mosquito bite. The purpose of this impact – do not hurt the dog, but just to get her attention. This is not a punishment for the dog, just so we explained to her that now she is doing something wrong. This is the principle of action.

The famous Austrian scientist-ethologist Konrad Lorentz in his book Man is a friend, he wrote about how he trained his dog obedience skills nontrivial ways. Here is a quote from his book teach the dog to obedience by means of punishment and can not be as pointless to beat her if, tempted by the smell of game, it is during the walk he will flee from you. Beatings not wean her escape – this incident is far from receded in its memory – rather back as in its submission, they are connected with the return. The only way to wean her from this manner – to shoot her with a slingshot when it is conceived to escape. The shot must be made unexpectedly for her, and it would be better if she did not notice that the pebble had fallen at her from nowhere, a hand was sent to the owner. The complete helplessness before the pain the dog will remember it well, and in addition, this method does not inspire fear in her hands.


Shock Collars for Dogs

Shock Collars for Dogs :Methods dog training using the electronic collars.

Shock Collars for Dogs :Methods dog training using the electronic collars.

Shock Collars for Dogs the basic obedience course.

How dogs learn.

Here we present
some basic guidelines that relate to the course of study
basic obedience with electronic radio-controlled
1. Thoroughly and consistently follow the step by step
process of learning each team. Do not assume that the dog should
be sure to immediately understand the relationship of correction and heard commands.
Correction may, initially, on the contrary, to bring down the dog a sense, even
if she knows the team.
2. Do not start training with the use of electronic Shock Collars for Dogs radio-controlled collar too strong level of
exposure. Use a level which is not more than enough to
ensure that the dog reacted to it after repetition. Do not start
training with a level that would cause the dog’s anxiety or, especially,
make her whine. Intensity level range of modern
electronic radio-controlled collars is wide enough to
find a suitable for a dog of any breed and temperament. In section

Shock Collars for Dogs

3. How to choose the level of intensity of exposure describes in detail the
process of determining the appropriate level of exposure to dogs.
Do not start training in an atmosphere of a large number of distracting
factors. Try to make the first lessons and start learning each
team is as easy as possible for the dog. It is difficult to learn, when there
occurs a lot of events to distract her attention.
4. To consolidate the acquired skills and reliable operation of the dog at the end of
training, on the contrary, use all possible distractions.
Using seemingly already fulfilled in the process of learning commands
in real life can sometimes bring very disappointing results because the dog may be confused by the unusual
situation. Use as many
planned to use Shock Collars for Dogs distractions in the learning process while
consolidating the acquired skills for many dogs is a bridge for the
transition to a reliable operation in real situations.
5. When you add in the training of distractions, do it slowly and
carefully. Bewildered correction, the dog may associate it
not with his team insubordination, and, in fact, a distraction by
a factor. Slowly and gradually, in small doses, add
distractions in the training process. Do not let the
distraction could cause fear dogs.
6. You may need a stronger-than-normal level of exposure at
working off of skills in terms of distractions. This is quite
normal for most dogs. Once your dog is already well
familiar with the impact of the collar, do not be afraid to increase the level of
exposure to help the dog to understand that it must comply with your
command at all times, including at considerable distracting
factors. Do not hassle impacts dog, to which she simply did not
pay attention.
7. Keep your dog on a balanced level of behavior.Some commands (such as near, me) require the
movement of the dog. Others (such as sit,lie down), on the contrary,cause it to remain stationary for some time.
A dog that is well learned obedience to the same type of teams can
try to offer you the same type of behavior in response to the command
of the second type. It does so not because he does not want to run the command.
On the contrary, she is trying very hard. Therefore it is recommended to alternate the teams
of different types in the learning process. Teach her team
motor type for a certain number of classes, and then, in the
next lesson, spent the command steady type (or vice versa).