“The Boss” E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer + FREE INCLUDED Bungee E-Collars FREE SHIPPING

“The Boss” E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer + FREE INCLUDED Bungee E-Collars FREE SHIPPING

  • One dog system with 1 mile range

  • Medium/large receiver (2.7″x1.7″x1.2″, 4 oz) for dogs 20 pounds and larger

  • Ergonomic “stopwatch” design transmitter allows you to watch your dog at all times

  • Delivers a tapping sensation similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation

  • Includes 1 Black Full Grip Supply Bungee E-Collar

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Shock Collars for Dogs

“The Boss” E-Collar 1 Mile Big Dog Remote Trainer + FREE INCLUDED Bungee E-Collars FREE SHIPPING

** NOTE ** The collar has REMOVABLE chicago screws on both ends so you simply take a phillips screwdriver.. UNSCREW add Receiver and SCREW back together.

• The World’s #1 Remote Dog Training Collar • Dog Size: 20 lbs. and Larger • 1 Mile Range • 100 Levels with “Lock and Set” • Proprietary “Blunt Stimulation” • Remote Tracking Light • Convenient ON/OFF Switch • Instant Adjustable Booster Button • Momentary and Continuous Buttons • User Adjustable Boost Levels (1 through 60) • Tapping Sensation Button (Improved Vibration) • Completely Waterproof to 500′ • Shock Resistant to 5000 Gs Features: • 1 Mile Range • 100 Levels Dial Adjustable with “Lock and Set” Feature • Ergonomic and Floating Transmitter • LCD Display for Precision Control • Low Battery Indicators on Both Units • Remote Controlled Night Light • Durable BiothaneTM Collar Strap • Employs Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered) • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Batteries Exempt) • Assembled in the USA • Package Contents: • 1 Waterproof Collar Receiver • One Waterproof/Floating Remote • One 1″ X 30″ Bungee Collar System using Biothane Collar Strap Material (Ready to Be Cut to Size) • • 1 Set of Contact Points (1/2″ and ?”) • Contact Point Removal Tool • Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V) • Owner’s Manual with Training Tips • Lanyard for the Remote • Quick-Disconnect Belt Clip • Plastic Carrying Case • Collar Receiver: 2.7″ X1.7X 1.2″, 4.0 oz. • Biothane Collar Strap: 1″ X 30″, 3.1 oz. (Ready to Cut to Size) • Floating Remote: 2.75″ Diameter, 1.29″ Thick and 4.3 oz. • Complete System in Box: 11.4″X8.3″X2.4″, 2.2 lbs. Comes with 1 FREE Full Grip Supply Bungee E-Collars (Black Bungee/Black Collar)

What is Shock Collars for Dogs ?

Tool for dog training, that is developing her reflexes needed. This temper tool allows you to control the dog at a distance and is often used for sports training, where the dog must demonstrate their achievements are not close to the owner.

The people electronic Collars for dogs called shocker, as animal learning takes place by means of electric discharge. This collar with an electric pulse affects the dog, causing her to obey the commands. Some models have additional collars tone and a vibration. However, it is more humane means than noose or pinch collar because the dog feels no pain, and just unpleasant scarring.

Types electronic Collars for dogs
There are collars with two receivers. With their help, the stimulation is distributed over a larger area. That is, if the standard design of the collar cunning dodge dog can learn from one annoying place, bending the neck, the collar with two receivers this is not possible.

There are also electric dog collars that track the location of the animal, and through the Internet or GPS to inform the owner.

Also, with such a collar, you can simply change the point of impact on the animal without changing the collar, just switching from one receiver to another. So for one exercise may be needed so that the receiver was under the throat, and for another – on top.
The principle of operation of the electronic collar dog training
Electric collar for dog training The principle of working out commands via electronic Collars is mastering the rules of the dog as soon as the command is executed, the discomfort immediately disappear. Once the dog understands this rule, all her training will go easy, and it will try to run any command as soon as possible.

However, you can not just constantly keep the stimulation button, the opposite effect can be achieved: the dog will no longer understand what is it they want and not be sure of the correct action. Exposure must be precisely dosed both in time and in strength at different points in the process of training.

Household electronic Collars to correct behavior can independently use any dog ??owner. You do not need any special knowledge. It is important to understand the basics of taming the owner or take a few lessons from professionals.

How to Training Dog with Shock Collars for Dogs

Electronic collars can be applied on the basis of a method of positive reinforcement and the use of other principles, based on conditioned reflexes.

Depending on the methodology applied by the coach, electrical stimulation may be to suppress negative effects when exposure occurs at the moment of undesirable behavior in order to reduce its frequency or negative reinforcement in the case of prolonged stimulation until the dog perform the required actions to increase its frequency.

By varying the length of the electrical effects of the fractions of a second to a few seconds, the trainer uses it for various tasks during dog training. For example, a very short-term exposure (duration of about 0.2 seconds) is used to draw attention to the trainer team, to accelerate the implementation of a command or to remind the dog of the undesirability of its actions. Longer exposure is used to gain exposure when dealing with stubborn or too phlegmatic dogs, as well as to suppress aggression and undesirable behavior in the event that short-term exposure is not effective.

Sometimes trainers use low levels of exposure, as a symbol of the dog right action, while giving encouragement, thereby forming a conditioned reflex associated with electronic collars the same way as when using the clicker.

Some electronic collars have effects in addition to the electric signal and vibration tonal (no impact) which can be used for most dogs as “neutral stimulation “. For the successful use of electronic collars need to guide a professional trainer who specializes in working with these devices. As with any other tools for training dogs, misuse, abuse or neglect may lead to undesirable results.