[OVERSTOCK CLEARANCE] PLS Pet Siesta Deep Dish Pet Bed Brown, For Large Dogs, Removable Covers, Easy clean, Extra Thick

[OVERSTOCK CLEARANCE] PLS Pet Siesta Deep Dish Pet Bed Brown, For Large Dogs, Removable Covers, Easy clean, Extra Thick

  • The medium size is 25Wx35L. It is most suitable for pets upto 60 lbs. It is recommended for dog breeds such as English bulldog, Dachshund, Welsh Corgi and Boston Terrier.
  • Made with durable brown suede fabric and ultra soft beige sherpa fabric. Generously filled with polyester fiber.
  • Extra thick and ultra plush.
  • Completely removable and machine washable cover with zipper. Easy clean. Durable.
  • Made of hypoallergenic durable superior suede fabric and highly resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites.

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[OVERSTOCK CLEARANCE] PLS Pet Siesta Deep Dish Pet Bed Brown, For Large Dogs, Removable Covers, Easy clean, Extra Thick

The PLS Pet Deep Dish Siesta dog bed provides the comfort your pets deserve. It has overfilled plush and very thick structure. It fits existing furniture with modern design. The bed is generously filled with all new polyester fiber. The cover is completely removable. It can be unzipped and removed. The cover is made of machine washable, durable suede fabric and sherpa fabric. The bed looks stylish with its brown suede fabric and beige sherpa fabric.

The PLS Pet Deep Dish Siesta dog bed is ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor use such as garages or porches with its anti-skid and waterproof bottom. It is available in two sizes. The large size is large enough for even the largest dog breeds, such as mastiff and the Great Dane.

The bed comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. When you remove packaging, allow it some time to rise to normal size. Some beds may take longer to rise, as they were in storage for longer periods of time. If you feel your bed has not risen to the right size, wash the inner pillows in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. After the wash, the inner pillow should expand to the fullest size.

How to Clean your Dog Bed

First, if you had enough time available, it should be specified that the mattress should be kept clean daily. Therefore, it is vital to start strongly slamming the mattress with your hands or with a beater outdoors. Then you can switch to using the vacuum cleaner on both sides, in such a way as to eliminate the residues of dust and most of hair that have accumulated. Finally, you have to take a brush to clean the hair, passing it firmly on the surface and with the utmost attention to seams, to remove the last remaining hairs. At this point you can leave the mattress outdoors, in such a way that it loses the odor with which the dog is infused.

If you look carefully and scrupulously observe the instructions of the previous step, washing can be done once a week, and this will be crucial to decrease the wear of the fabric. However, washing is a must if your pet has just returned from a walk through the fields in the rain, since foul the mud bed. If the fabric permits and stains are not very stubborn, it’s a good idea to try to wash everything in the washing machine. Otherwise, you can safely proceed with hand washing. To this end it is necessary to position the mattress bath for about an hour in the water, to soften the mud, if present. Then you should apply the Soap or the hand dish washing detergent, then cleanse everything with great care. Next, it is important to thoroughly rinse, wring and roll out in the sun or put in the dryer.

In the market there are different spray antibacterial and anti allergenic, which can be used on the mattress once cleaned. These types of products are very useful for the stated purpose, especially if your dog is suffering from allergies, Do it eliminates all traces of mites and arthropods annoying, making it cleaner and more sterile the bed.