Merdumia Stainless steel Dog training whistle Adjustable Frequency Dog Whistle

Merdumia Stainless steel Dog training whistle Adjustable Frequency Dog Whistle

  • QUALITY MATERIALS -Dog whistle’s body was made of copper and have a Stainless steel chain,it will have a very long lifetime!And very comfortable!

  • ADJUSTABLE – As a variable frequency dog whistle,the length of the Metal dog whistle can be adjusted by rotating the whistle so that you can change the frequency of the whistle and chooose the best frequency for your dog.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – In order to keep the dog whistle dry and clean,this whistle hasa dust cap design that can prevent the dust pollution.

  • COMFORTABLE – This Ultrasonic dog whistle has a circular mouth and you mouth will feel comfortable when you use it!

  • GUARANTEE – We provide 100% Guarantee,if the dog whistlewas broken when you use it,please let us know and we will 100% refund you!

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Merdumia Stainless steel Dog training whistle Adjustable Frequency Dog Whistle


And this is a good dog trainning whistle.

Brilliant stainless steel construction, fully adjustable sound frequency, a cap to keep out dirt, dust, and pocket lint, even a removable chain and two key rings that provide dozens of different convenient carrying options. The key to whistle training is connecting the sound of the whistle with food, or a similar treat.The very same, time-tested way Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate at the sound of a tuning fork.

1. Unscrew the bottom of the whistle, and loosen the internal screw. This controls the frequency of the whistle.

2.Blow the whistle, and tighten or loosen the internal screw until your dog responds to the sound. Check for a helpful perk of his or her ears.

3.Once you’ve got your frequency, hold the screw securely, and tighten the locking nut to lock that frequency in place.
It’s important to always use the same frequency, because your dog’s ears can tell. Now you’re ready to train!

4.Over the course of a few weeks, start to associate the sound of the whistle with intermittent reward. Sound the whistle in front of your dog, then offer a treat.

5.Eventually, wean the treat to every two whistles, then three, then to a more random distribution.

6.Then, try blowing the whistle when your dog is somewhere else, and see just how fast he or she comes running! Advanced trainers can give commands using their whistles.
Two short bursts could mean “Sit!”
Best of all, whistle-trained dogs can be called to your side from hundreds of yards away.

7.So add your whistle to your keys, to a lanyard, to your belt, and use it at the park, or on a hike, even from the porch in a big backyard.

How to use Dog Whistle that only dogs can hear ?

With the help of ultrasonic whistle can train the dog by the same techniques as with conventional audio (voice) command. As far as I know, with the help of an ultrasonic signal, many dogs are taught to approach the owner, as well as to lay down a specific whistle. Basically, it is necessary for hunters. The exhibition attempts to use the whistle as a means to attract the attention of the dogs in the ring.

Methods of teaching is simple. Let us consider the example of a dog laying. Instead of voice trainer team blows a whistle in a certain way (for example, twice), and then places the dog guidance method or natalkivaniya. Skill is polished in the same way as if it was done using a voice command. A dog trained lying down on the whistle in the distance at various distracting stimuli.

An example of developing an approach to the whistle. It is similar to the development team approach “to me!”. Puppy beckon whistle, showing him with a treat and prompting the move to the trainer. Delicacy fed the puppy run up to the trainer. If your puppy or young dog does not know what he should do, he strapped on a long leash and with a signal (whistle) poddergivaet leash, and then show a treat, prompting the dog to run up to the trainer. You can attract the attention of a playful dog, showing her a toy, not a treat (if you are interested in a toy it anymore). When a dog comes running, with her play, thereby encouraging it. Later, of course, conduct additional polishing approach, either through delicacy, playing hide-and-seek, or (for the more “otvlekuchih” dogs) with a long leash, and other tweaks.

It should be exactly sure that the signal applied to the dog, the standard that it is not confused team. If, for example, the trainer decided that “Down!” – Two short beeps, and of underground – a long one, you should not to be confused.

Perhaps it would be possible to teach a dog to distinguish the many options of the ultrasonic signals. Theoretically a set of commands, whistles can make more than a dozen (different variations of conventional dog whistle distinguishes perfectly). The problem with the use of ultrasonic whistle that trainer, due to the fact that he can not hear ultrasound can not control and standardization input signals. It is therefore difficult to determine, for example, for some reason the dog does not obey the order – or it simply distracted or whistle was a non-standard, or the whistle does not work, and so forth.