“Just Suk It Up”, Multi-Purpose Pet Mat – 18 x 24 in

“Just Suk It Up”, Multi-Purpose Pet Mat – 18 x 24 in

  • Low-Slip Underlay.
  • Leak-Proof Backing – helps protect floors, carpet or carrier floor.
  • Super absorbent core. Holds up to 500 ml / 2 cups of liquid per 288 sq in.
  • Reusable – One Mat will last as long as 200 disposable pads.
  • Rigid and Stable construction – not flimsy.

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“Just Suk It Up”, Multi-Purpose Pet Mat – 18 x 24 in

Multi-Purpose: Use as a… 1) Pet Food Placemat 2) Cat Litter Box Mat 3) Carrier Mat 4) Pee Mat

How to Potty Train a Puppy in the Rain

Most people do not like to go out when it rains, and most puppy do not like to do it, either. As a result, many puppies avoid going potty when it rains, leaving owners frustrated and often cleaning of accidents in the home. One of the best ways to avoid this scenario is to get your puppy used to the rain at the beginning when you’re potty train him like a puppy.

Things You Need to Potty Train a puppy in the Rain

  • Treats
  • puppy raincoat and boots
  • Take your puppy out in the rain to play. Doing so will help the puppy associate happy and fun times with the rain and can prevent any anxiety or nervousness for rain.
  • Give your puppy a word to associate with going to the bathroom. Commands that tell how “eccentric” or “empty” when your puppy eliminates eventually teach you how to do it when you say those words. If your puppy can eliminate on command, it will probably do it, no matter what the weather.
  • Give your puppy treats every time he eliminates outside. Doing so will help to eliminate associated puppy with rewards and will encourage you to do so, despite the weather.
  • -Put a raincoat or puppy boots on your puppy to help you tolerate the rain. Some puppy do not like being in the rain, because they do not like to get wet. Wearing the boots and jacket can help the puppy feel more comfortable in the rain to keep it a little dry. Again, put these items in your puppy when he is a puppy to get him used to wearing them. Give the puppy treats and praise when he uses the items to associate rewards with clothing.

How to Potty Train a Dog | Puppy Pads

  1. Buy a box for your dog. Formation of the grid is the first step in potty training. Choose a box with enough room for your dog to turn around comfortably. However, it should not have so much space that he could use the bathroom in one corner and sleep in another. If your dog learns to associate his crate with using the toilet, it will resist going into the crate to place or sleep.
    – In the first weeks, expect accidents in the crate even if it is the right size for the dog. Do not lose patience, though! He’s still learning.
    – If your dog is a larger breed, consider buying a box with adjustable barriers that can be removed as the dog grows.
  2. Get your dog used to the crate. Place the box in a busy room in the house, where people often gather. The room is a good location for crate training. Leave the door open so the dog can explore at their own pace, and treat it whenever he goes into the crate.
    – After he grew used to the crate, start closing the door and leaving it there for long periods of time. Crate him at night and when you are not home to see it.
    – You can move the crate between rooms – bringing it to the room with you at night, for example. But always make sure it is somewhere your dog feels safe.
  3. Assign a bathroom regular point. Take it to the same place every time you take it. If he associates go to the bathroom with a very specific place, it will be less likely to have accidents elsewhere. It will also make cleaning easier on the road because you will know where he likes to go.