20″ Pet Port A Crate

20″ Pet Port A Crate

  • 20″ Pet Port A Crate

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Dog Crate

20″ Pet Port A Crate

Natures Miracle, 20″, Pet Port-A-Crate, For Pets Up To 15 LB, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Sets Up & Folds Down In Seconds, Easy To Transport, Made With Odor Blocking Technology, Stain Resistant Protection, Durable & Well Ventilated, French, 20″L x 13″W x 13″H.

How to Crate Train a Puppy

Getting Start to Crate Training a Puppy

Start familiarizing your puppy with his box immediately by leaving the box open while he is in his house so the puppy can come and go at will. Place a stuffed toy, chew toys, bedding, and one of your old shirts or shoes in the cage to encourage your puppy to visit her frequently. Whenever you should leave the house, and you can not carry your puppy with you, you should lock your puppy in the cage. Some puppies need a comforting sound, like a clock alarm, to help them settle down, especially the first few days. If your puppy is one of the smaller breeds, you may want to place a litter box in the cage so you will not have to take time out to go to the bathroom. This is especially useful for apartment dwellers,

Why have to Crate Training a Puppy

Keeping your curious puppy locked up in the cage while being alone at home helps prevent injuries as well as sphincter accidents. The box becomes a space of the puppy and provides a sense of security. Puppies love to chew; Therefore, drawer training keeps your puppy from chewing on your toys instead of your new shoes and furniture. Human companions tend to be a bit angry when their puppy destroys the house and leaves small accidents on the carpet while they are away, but the drawer training can keep everyone in the family happy to have a puppy. Some families also keep their puppy in their cage when they are asleep, because they are unable to monitor it.