20″ Pet Kennel Cat Dog Folding Steel Crate Animal Playpen Wire Metal Cage

20″ Pet Kennel Cat Dog Folding Steel Crate Animal Playpen Wire Metal Cage

  • Super Easy to Assemble Super Convenient to Store (Easily Fold-able) Travel Safe – Take it anywhere Fully Assembled, just open and fold
  • Rounded Edges to protect pet Material: Low carbon steel wire 20″ Cage does not have the side door] Detachable Carrying Handle
  • Easy to Clean (Composite ABS Plastic Pan) [Safe and secure slide bolt latch Sturdy Wire Gauge 4AWG (0.2″ Diameter Wire)
  • Extra Small: (LxWxH) 20x13x16” Approximately Breeds: Boston terrier, Chihuahua, fox terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Maltese, miniature dachshund, miniature poodle, Pomeranian, pug, Shih Tzu and other dog breeds of similar size. Approximate Weight of the Dog: Less than 24lbs

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Dog Crate

20″ Pet Kennel Cat Dog Folding Steel Crate Animal Playpen Wire Metal Cage

The size of the cage should accommodate the dog when he’s stretched out on his side without being cramped up or when he’s sitting up without hitting his head on the top. Dogs are den animals. Have you ever noticed your dog always sleeps and relaxes under a table or in a corner? The Pet Cage is the perfect solution to make your pet feel more secure and confident. After they’re acclimatized to the cage, they can treat it as their own hangout place. Plus, the cage is easy for “you” as well. It’s collapsible for storage and lightweight for easy transport. It’s made of steel for durability and ease of maintenance.

How to Crate Train a Dog

Start feeding your Dog your meals near the cashier.
Until he / she is comfortable serve your meals ever closer to the grill. If they are entering the box on their own without any problems then you can put the food dish to the back of your grill. When you watch your dog eat effortlessly, close the door while they eat, but make sure to open it as soon as you finish eating. With each meal effortlessly, leave the door closed for a few more minutes at a time.

Tips You Need to Crate Training a Dog Correctly

When your Dog is eating his / her meals on the grill without any anxiety, slowly confine them to the small amounts of time while you are in the house, to get them accustomed to the idea.

Draw them to the crate with a treat.
Say “kennel” and point to the inside of the box with the treat in hand.
After entering the box, praise them, give them a treat and close the door. Sit close to the box in silence for a few minutes, then leave for a few minutes. Then return to the box, sitting quietly for a few more minutes and then letting them off.

You Want to Repeat this Training a Dog Several Times a Day

slowly increasing the time that they are boxed, and the time that you are out of their sight. Since they are staying on the grid in silence for over half an hour at a time, you can start crating it to sleep or if your out of the house for short periods of time. Depending on the dog this may take several days or several weeks.

When to follow the steps, then you can move on to crating your Dog when you leave. Remember not to show your Dog that you are emotional to let them. Instead, praise them, give them a treat and quit.