2 in 1 All Season Crate Bedding – Fits Midwest Crates – by Pet Dreams

2 in 1 All Season Crate Bedding – Fits Midwest Crates – by Pet Dreams

  • IDEAL CRATE PAD/ KENNEL MAT for use in 42-Inch metal dog crates from Midwest, Precision, Amazon and others. Recommended for dogs 71-90 pounds. Pet bed measures approx. 42″L x 28″W x 1.5″H Inches
  • BONUS- FABRIC ON BOTH SIDES! We know dog beds get dirty pretty fast. We don’t cut corners by using “skid proof” on the bottom of our beds. This means half the washings for you. COTTON for COOL SUMMER COMFORT and SHERPA for WINTER WARMTH
  • EASY MAINTENANCE- 100% Wash & Dry, No Covers to Remove, Completely Machine Washable / Dryer Friendly
  • USA SUPPORT M-F 9-5 est 866-738-3732, MADE FOR UNLIMITED WASHINGS, Will Never Bunch up- Guaranteed!
  • THIS BED IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHEWERS (if you have a chewer experts recommend removing the pad when your dog is not supervised )

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2 in 1 All Season Crate Bedding – Fits Midwest Crates – by Pet Dreams

Pet Dreams’ Classic Sleep-eez are a 2-in-1, all-season dog or cat bed. The cotton side will keep your pet cool in the summer and the sherpa side will keep them warm in the winter. Sleep-eez is the easiest dog or cat bed you will ever own. The entire bed goes in the washer and dryer without the hassle of zippers or covers. This bed is made for repeated washings. We guarantee it will never bunch up after washing like other beds. Sleep-eez is affordable, so you can use in the crate, on the couch, in the car and everywhere else your pet sleeps.

What is a Heated Dog Beds

Dogs and cats, much like humans, can suffer from stiff or arthritic joints as they age. This can be especially noticed when a pet wakes up from a nap. They may require some time to reach out and shake off the aches and pains. Animals who sleep in colder environments, such as insulated garage, may have more trouble with this, even if they quite young. One solution is to purchase a heated dog bed.

There are heated bed types for dogs and cats, and people should ask their helping what level of heat is appropriate. Forms and materials for these beds varies.
Some make use of the new and comfortable memory foam, and straight beds that can be used in cat or dog boxes for box sleepers. Others have it comfortably rounded shape that some cats and dogs enjoy when they are sleeping. There are also heated pet bed types made to be safely used indoors or out.

Price and design in a heated pet bed varies. Something dog owners may need to look for include features can be washing covers, which can help to maintain life in bed longer, because the covers can be cleaned if necessary. Heated beds, except for the outdoor type is probably not the best with animals suffering from incontinence. Because they do not often plug in to the heat source, would’n get moisture on the plug not considered safe. But the covers that come with a heated dog beds are waterproof, and will keep any dog urine away from electrical appliances to help warmer the bed.

These beds are not just good ideas to animals suffering from rheumatic diseases or arthritis. Animals who sleep in colder environments can be made more comfortable if they have a heated bed. There are some special precautions that apply to a heated pet bed of any kind.

Dog owners should regularly check that all parts of the bed is in good condition. Many of these beds have automatic shut off when they reach a certain temperature. The shutdown should be evaluated every week a few weeks to make sure that’s works.