100% Waterproof FLEECE DIY “Design-It-Yourself” Dog Bed Cover; Washable Hypoallergenic Made in USA (COVER ONLY)

100% Waterproof FLEECE DIY “Design-It-Yourself” Dog Bed Cover; Washable Hypoallergenic Made in USA (COVER ONLY)

  • The ONLY 100% Waterproof Washable Fleece Dog Bed cover on the market & AMAZON. ** MADE IN USA**SAVE MONEY** Our Waterproof Fleece Cover lets you create the ULTIMATE dog bed using spare blankets, pillows, comforters as the insert. Or use it to Re-cover your old memory foam dog bed.
  • Each cover is individually sewn using Teton Dog’s exclusive 100% Waterproof NanoPore Fleece. A revolutionary Fabric that is soft, stain resistant, washable & naturally antibacterial yet 100% Waterproof, creating an impervious barrier to dirt, dust, mites, fleas, even Urine.
  • * Reversible; Warm Luxurious Waterproof Fleece NanoPore for warmth and comfort on those cold Winter nights, flip the bed over and the soft, breathable 100% Waterproof Polyester side stays cool in the Summer. Soft luxurious fleece, combined with our “piddleproof” NanoPore waterproof barrier makes our Bed ideal for both puppies and elderly dogs, even incontinent dogs.
  • 100% Waterproof Nanopore fabric is specially engineered to be light weight yet incredibly durable – The waterproofing NEVER wears off. Easily removable cover, machine wash and dry 100s of times at any temperature – (even sterilize using HOT water).
  • At TETON DOG we believe quality customer service shouldn’t cost extra – we ship 2 Day PRIORITY MAIL at no additional cost. **NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DOGS WHO ARE CHEWERS**

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100% Waterproof FLEECE DIY “Design-It-Yourself” Dog Bed Cover; Washable Hypoallergenic Made in USA (COVER ONLY)

We manufacturer the ONLY 100% Waterproof Fleece Dog Bed Cover; this allows us to sell our beds to the public at WHOLESALE PRICING. All TETON DOG products are made in America with attention to quality, service and detail you and your dog deserve. There are a lot of cute dog beds out there but eventually the question always arises “HOW DO I KEEP IT CLEAN”. Very few dog bed covers you see on Amazon are easily washable (if they are washable at all). They are often sprayed with water repellant chemicals (Scotchguard) that require special “Delicate” wash cycles or worse hand washing or dry cleaning to prevent their waterproofing chemicals from washing off. The TETON DOG DESIGN-IT-YOUSELF COVER, is made using our 100% Waterproof Nanopore fleece (NO CHEMICAL SPRAYS). The zippered, easily removable cover, can be machine washed, any cycle, (even HOT) use your normal detergent, dry in your dryer, 100s of times with no loss of waterproofing, GUARENTEED. Use as a replacement cover or as a waterproof liner for your current dog bed, or make your own dog bed with spare pillows, towels comforters etc., as thin or as full as you choose. Waterproof Nanopore is also Stain-Resistant, Naturally Antibacterial, and best of all, 100% IMPERVIOUS to dirt, dust, mud pollen even urine, so no matter what your dog gets on the cover the cover protects whatever you put inside it, the contents never need washing, they never gets Dirty, Smelly or Wet. ***for incontinent dogs, to ensure maximum waterproofing, we recommend choosing a cover large enough to ensure that urine pools on top of the cover, away from the seams, with the zipper on the bottom.

How to choose a Heated Dog Beds

Dog owners love their pets and take care to keep him safe and happy. Your dog may like to sleep outdoors. You will want to have a dog bed for him to keep him warm and comfortable outside. Some dogs love to sleep inside. A heated dog bed can be regarded as an important prerequisite for the dogs that are sick or sleeping outside. The type of dog bed will vary for each dog. The heated dog beds can provide enormous comfort for the dog even if he can not have any ailment.

Heated dog bed can be considered a luxury rather than a necessity by some people. Actually, it depends on the region and the climate of the place, and you can not make any assessment like that without understanding the reality. A dog bed can be seen as yet another home for him. It’s just like you heat your home in a cold place. Even dogs need a heated bed in such an area to protect him from the cruel winter. Your dog is kept warm in the heated dog bed in harsh winter during the day and night. The dog owner can spend money to buy the appropriate type of dog bed that he might need for his pets.

A heated dog bed is chosen by many dog owners many reasons other than severe winter or comfort. You need a heat therapy for the treatment of many diseases like arthritis involves pain in the bones or joints. The heat cures and comforts pets as it does for people. The heated dog beds to reduce pain and stiffness due to arthritis in dogs.

Dog furniture and many accessories dog come in so many varieties. Likewise, even the dog beds are available in a wide selection. You just need to make a decision to choose the right type of heated dog bed that fits your dog the most. The most important criterion may be the size of the bed according to the size of the dog and his race. The other factors might be: if the dog needs to potty training or biting furniture and bed.