Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate Covers : A Great Way To Make Any Crate Look Good

Dog Crate covers are important dog products to have whether your dog has an outdoor crate or an indoor dog crate. At times every dog needs to be confined to a crate or crate, and whether you’re traveling, leaving your pet at home for long periods of time, or you choose to have your pet live in an outdoor crate all the time, you want him to be safe and comfortable.

Have you ever wondered why do we have to use dog crate covers too? You do know how very important is a dog crate and you also know that it is the most intimate place for your dog in your house. That’s why you have to make it as comfortable as you can. Some of you may think that the dog crate has to be just very practice and with this request accomplished you solved the problem. I must tell you that there is a lot more about a dog crate.

Dog crate covers can make the crate looking a lot better than you can imagine. This is one of the reasons why people use crate covers. If you use good and quality fabric, it may totally change the aspect of the crate and of the room where you keep the crate. You can make it fit perfectly to the decor of your house, and nobody will feel disturbed by the steel image of the crate in your living room. And I say that because most of the crates are made of steel. Dog crates should also be attractive, not just practice. You can find luxurious crate covers to buy. They will make wonders for the aspect of the room and your dog will surely love it.

Another reason for using dog crate covers is the fact that the crate must be the intimate place of your dog. He must feel secure and safe while spending time in the crate. He must be able to get rest and to spend some peaceful moments in it. But sometimes these things can hardly happen. Why is that? Because if you keep walking all around the crate, if you enter the room several times before your dog falls asleep, if he notices different movements he won’t fall asleep too soon. The crate also needs to be the place where your dog can find his peace and quiet. Crate covers can make it look more intimate.

How to Choose the right Dog Crate Covers

The type of crate cover that you choose will depend on whether your dog has an indoor or outdoor crate.

You will also have to decide what material you want it to be made from, whether you want it to be easily removable (for traveling purposes), and in some cases what color or design you would like it to be.

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How to Choose the Right Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate covers on outdoor crate will keep your pet safe from the elements, but covers on indoor crate and crates are just as important. A cover on an indoor dog crate or crate imitates the den used by our dogs’ ancestors for shelter and protection. In an uncovered crate or crate, your dog may feel vulnerable and anxious; this is simply not what their instincts dictate is right.

When your crate is uncovered, he is confined but not hidden, as his genetic make-up tells him he must be.

One way to alleviate your dog’s anxiety, as well as to protect and control him, is to create that den-like atmosphere with a crate cover. It may make your dog nervous in the beginning, so you’ll have to take the proper steps to get him used to having his dog crate covered, but once you do, he will be comfortable and content in his den-like sanctuary.

It’s actually very easy to get your dog used to a crate cover. Simply put the cover on for a short period of time, maybe just a few minutes, and then take it off. Everyday leave it on for longer periods of time, and before you know it your dog will love being in a covered crate.

If your dog has to spend a lot of time outside, or you choose to have him live outside all the time, you need to be extra cautious of his safety. Dogs should never be chained or tethered in any way.

Indoor crate and dog crate covers

Plastic crate usually have solid walls except for ventilation holes and the door, which is typically made of wire. The material and construction of the crate itself creates a den for the dog, but there are still lights, sounds, smells, and other stimuli that will enter the crate through these small openings and may disturb your pet.

Quite the opposite, crate with wire sides and tops are very open and can create a lot of stress and anxiety for your pet, especially while traveling or when in a new place. A cover for these types of dog crates will help your dog feel more comfortable and ultimately lead to a happier life of a pet.

There are many different types and styles of crate covers available for dog owners who prefer a variety of choices. There are also some important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing one.

For example, will your crate be set up in one place in your house and rarely moved? Or do you intend to break it down to take with you while traveling? The cover on a mobile crate should be made from sturdy material that is simple to put on and take off and doesn’t tear easily, all of which limit the available options.

Your choices in crate covers may be limited if your crate is one you intend to break down often. However, if your crate is stationary or will be moved from room to room infrequently, your options will broaden.