Clicker Training Dogs

Clicker Training Dogs : tips for beginners, training with a pointer.

Clicker Training Dogs : tips for beginners, training with a pointer.

Training using a clicker is a type of training with positive reinforcement contingent, is implemented by the audio signal. The clicker is a special charm to click the button. He used a click when the dog needs to understand that it has completed exactly what she demanded from the trainer. This method of training that excludes physical contact, the first to use the dolphin trainers, which was necessary to accustom the animals to the desired behavior.

Animals elaborated positive conditioned reflex to a specific signal. The result is that this signal, in this case a click conditional became positive reinforcement.

You do not need to punish and correct.

A standard training you clarify your pet, what to do, sometimes using excessive force. After reaching the desired behavior of the dog are encouraged, if there is no result, then punished. Only observation is required in clicker training over how the dog behaves and should click “clicker” when it does what you need. Click advance should contact the animal to give pleasure, that is, there should be a positive correlation on the signal. Pleasure can be in the form of praise or delicious food, in general, all that will bring joy to your four-legged friend. In the case of the dog mistakes you need to wait and try again.

Replacing the click of praise

Trainers who use this type of learning, paying attention to the formation of the desired behavior, and they do not focus on the termination of the unnecessary. For example, you do click in when the dog is, and do not start shouting at her when she jumps. Thus, you encourage the right behavior of the dog, seeking from it necessary for you result. Upon reaching the target (the dog quickly falls on the team), you begin to encourage her praise, and continue to use the clicker to work out a new team.

Hearing dogs thin. They perfectly even hear a soft click the clicker and quickly learn the connection between the sound and something good. Dogs understand that in the event of a repetition of actions that you require, you do click over and over again. Thus, gradually, they become your partners in the process of their own learning.

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